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King’s Dance Academy offers a high-quality Australian made signature KDA Uniform. KDA Merchandise can be worn in most classes along with any black and / or white dancewear / activewear.

Classwear Requirements

Please refer to the table below for individual class requirements

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* New students may wear any comfortable clothing & footwear for their trial lesson, (dance wear or activewear is encouraged)

* Hair needs to be off their face and tidy. For ballet classes, hair must be in a high ballet bun. See ballet bun example/tutorial:

All general dance attire can be purchased from any dance store.

i.e shoes, tights, stockings, leotards ballet skirts and more… 

The recommended stores below have King's Dance Academy uniform requirements on file.

Dance Desire.png
Dance Store Logo Logan Village.png

Dance Desire, Ashmore

Performance Attire Requirements

We understand that purchasing costumes every year can be a financial strain, therefore, we strive to keep prices to a minimum.

Most classes will need 2-3 Costumes/year. Costumes will never be compromising, suggestive, revealing or look "too old" for them.

Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical & ACRO

As these are hand made costumes with materials such as Lycra, sequin tulle feathers etc...

Dance costumes can cost anywhere between $100-$200. To keep costs down we have a hire system. In most cases, it is a $30-$50 hire cost/costume.


Drama costumes change depending on the performance. In most cases, it is a $30-$60 purchase and or hire cost/costume.


Given the nature of Hip-Hop i.e Streetwear, we can find these costumes at reasonable prices. In most cases, it is a $30- $60 purchase cost.

Performance Teams

There is a $100 - $150 purchase cost for each performance teams yearly competition costume. Please note, competition costumes are worn numerous times throughout the year. All other performance costumes in most cases, are a $30-$60 purchase and or hire cost/costume




Clean pink leather full sole ballet shoes.
(salmon pink) ballet stockings, convertible preferred.

Clean Black Ballet shoes, white ballet socks

Ballet Shoes.jpg


Tan Matte jazz stockings convertible preferred 

Clean Black split sole (no laces) Jazz shoes



Clean White sneakers/joggers, white ankle socks



Tan Matte jazz stirrup or convertible stockings Foot undies or bare feet

Foot undies.png


Tan Matte jazz stockings convertible preferred
Girls: Tan heeled tap shoes,

Boys: Black lace-up Tap shoes

Black Tap Shoes.jpg


Prep-prep parents

We understand putting makeup on 4 & 5year olds can be quite difficult, so don’t stress if you didn’t manage to put eyeliner on your little dancer. Rosy cheeks, pink lipstick and glitter hairspray will look just fab!!!

*NOTE: Pink lipstick only for Pre-pre students NO red lipstick as it can sometimes make them look too old.


We don't want our dance students to dance or look older than they actually are, but when it comes to makeup we do want a made-up face. Under right lights, the makeup helps the audience see the dancers features and it prevents the dancers from looking sick or washed out. It also contributes to a uniformed look across the group. We are going for neutral coloured eyeshadow of browns and golds with red lipstick.

The following is a suggested application.
Start with Neutral coloured Eyeshadow, (think medium brown, dark brown, gold, cream) and cover the entire lower & upper eyelid with a cream/ivory colour. I would use the medium brown in the crease and blend that before applying dark brown in the outer corner.

Finish with applying the gold from the middle to inner of the lower lid. Brush away any excess. We want to apply Black Eyeliner to above the eye and on the outer corner under the eye (I, generally, use liquid on top and pencil underneath) Using a Black Mascara , apply to the top lashes. Seniors can apply black false lashes.

Use a foundation that matches their skin tone and make sure that it blends into the airline and to their neck. (I personally prefer a pan stick for on stage) Applying a powder afterwards will help set the foundation.

Lightly apply Bronzer to just under the cheekbones to create definition and apply a pink Blush to the apples of the cheek. Tame those Brows with a spoolie brush and if desired, you can add brow powder or pomade to create definition. If you want to, you can apply some highlighter or glitter as well.

Apply red lip liner and follow with a red Lipstick (No gloss, this spreads and multiplies like you wouldn't believe) I would recommend finishing up with a Setting Spray or hairspray ;) to ensure that the makeup stays on and fresh the entire show.




Brush the hair to remove any tangles otherwise you'll have bumps. (If needed, use gel to avoid any bumps or spray hair with water if the hair is slightly frizzy) and brush hair into a high ponytail ensuring there are no bumps. Try using a thick elastic for a strong high ponytail. Spray the hair with hairspray and use bobby pins if any flyaways or fringe's that
need pinning back. Elite Jnr girls are welcome to spray glitter to the hair. (No colour)

High Ponytail 1.jpeg



Start with a very neat high ponytail. Hold the end of the ponytail and twist it firmly then wrap hair around the base of the ponytail into a flat circle and secure with 3-4 hairpins while still holding onto the bun. Use a hairnet (same colour as your child's hair) and make any adjustments to the shape of the bun if needed. Secure with as many hairpins as needed. Spray the hair with hairspray and use bobby pins if any flyaways or fringe's that need pinning back.
Can use a hair doughnut if preferred.

Ballet Bun.jpg


Grade 7+ Hip-hop students anything cool/styled


Brush the hair to remove any tangles and create an even centre part. Plait the hair to the end and secure with a thin elastic. Try to match elastic with hair colour

Hip-hop Hair - Prep - grd 6.jpg



Clean slick hair, Anything cool

Boys Hair.jpg
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