Q: Where to get dance shoes/clothes etc.

A: You can go to any dance store on the Gold Coast, however, we recommend Dance Desire or Tinkerbells. They know what out Kings students should be wearing and have a wide range. 


Q: What should they wear to class?

A: We have a precise uniform for ballet however for the other genres it is less specific. However, students must be wearing dance clothes. Examples of this is Leotard, Hot Pants, Crop Top, Dance singlet etc.


Q: Does my child have to do the performances?

A: Not at all, however, we do encourage it. It’s a similar concept to a sporting team which undergoes plenty of training so they can play a game. Dancers train to improve their skills, learn a routine and then eventually perform it. If you or your child doesn’t wish to or is unable to perform, please let us know. Your child will still be involved in the class 100% but will not need to attend rehearsals.


Q: How should they wear their hair?
A: Hair needs to be off their face and tidy. For Ballet, it should be a high ballet bun. 


Q: How much are the classes?

A: Cost of class depends on the length of class and how many classes you child trains in a week.


Q: My Child does dance class in the morning, do I need to pick her up after dance and take her to her school class room?

A: You are more than welcome to, however, the teacher will escort everyone in their class directly to their school class room.


Q: Does my child have to attend rehearsals:

A: Yes. All of the rehearsals are very important for different reasons and we do not have a lot of rehearsals through out the year. These rehearsals help us with spacings on the stage, practicing in costumes, rehearsing routines with other groups, piecing together a show etc etc. When students are away, it can be confusing, especially for our younger ones.


Q: I have a question, who do I contact?

A: If it’s about your account, please email accounts@kingsdanceacademy.com

If it’s about costumes, attendance, class info etc, please email info@kingsdanceacademy.com

If your child is in prep or preprep, you can email prep@kingsdanceacemy.com or preprep@kingsdanceacademy.com


If you would like to speak to someone on the phone, send us an email with a time that suits you and we will give you a call. 


Q: My child is in prep and has class in the afternoon, do I need to pick them up after class and take them to the dance room?

A: You are more than welcome to, however, the teacher or assistant will pick up all the prep students and take them directly to the dance room.

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